Year 6 Graduation for 2013

As we walked into the gym we saw the parents standing up and clapping us. Everyone was smiling and were very excited. As soon as we sat down all the parents sat down as well. Lee walked up on the stage and introduced the school captains Julian Amelia and Jack.

First Jack talked about all the responsibilities and roles you have when you are school captain. The Julian got up and spoke about his personal experience when being school captain. Lastly Amelia got up  and said some thankyous to people who helped them.

After that Matt came up and presented the graduates with their certificates. First it was 5/6A then 5/6 B and last of all 5/6C everyone was clapping. After they had presented the certificates. After that finished Grace came up to read her valedictorian speech which reflected on her time at Moonee Ponds Primary School.

Rebecca came up to present the specialist awards. These include the buddies award, the sport award the visual arts award and the performing art award. Next Matt came up to present the more procedures awards which were the Dux award which Amelia won the Academic award which was won by Julian and the excellence award which I won. Then we had a dance which the parents did not know about. So it was a huge surprize for all the parents. After we had finished the dance all the parents and graduates went out into the foyer to get something to eat and drink.

Over all I had a really fun time I did get a bit embarrassed when we did the dance but when I got into it I did not feel that embarrassed anymore.

100 Word Challenge Week 15

As we walked down and down into the basement we saw a canvas with lots of jars of paint. The jars had lots and lots of colours there were blues, reds, yellows and browns. The tour guide said that once there was a prisoner in here who was given a canvas and some jars of paint with some paint brushes and he painted a spectacular and moving picture of how he was treated in the jail cell. He painted his pictures with lots of emotion and gore. But he died just before he was going to get executed because he had a heart attack.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 8 #24

The Problem: Fill in the missing digits in the multiplication.


1   _   4

X             8


_   9    _


How I solved it: First I did 8 times 4 and that equals 32 so put down the 2 and carried the 3 to the next column. Then I did 8 times 2 plus 3 and that equals 19 so I put down the 9 and carried the 1. 8 times 1 plus 1 equals 9 so put down the 9. The answer is 124 times 8 equals 992!

Skip Palenik

Skip Palenik is an analytical microscopist which means he looks at very tiny things like dust and hairs. He is an author and a lecturer. He has been lecturing for more than 30 years teaching young forensic scientists in analytical microscopist the two universities he teaches at are: Illinois institute of technology and the University of Illinois in Chigoe. Skip is most well-known for working on the hillside strangler case which was where lots of women got killed. Dr Palenik was able to track down the killer he did this by looking carefully on the women’s clothing and eventually found little bits of paint which lead him to the murderer.  As soon as Skip caught him he confessed to killing 71 women.

Some of his most famous investigations occurred in America and he solved one case in Japan – the Narita airport bombing.  The cases he solved in America were: the hillside strangler in Los Angles, Green River Killer in Washington, the Jonbenet Ramsey case in Colorado the Atlanta child murders and the Unabomber were some of his famous cases.  The Unabomber was a person who destroyed many govement buildings. Skip also helped solve the Oklahoma bombing.

As a young boy Skip received a microscope which inspired him to become an analytical microscopist. With this micro scope, Skip was known to empty his mother’s vacuum cleaner and look at the dust and dirt through his microscope.  He did not know then but that method he used was called Locard’s Exchange Principle.  This refers to a scientific theory that any contact leaves a trace.

Skip Palenik is the 2009 person to receive the Paul L. Kirk Award which the highest award given by the criminalistics section of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, the 2003 Distinguished Scientist Award from the Midwestern Association of Forensic Sciences and is listed in American Men and Women of Science. In 2010 he was awarded the Chamot Medal in chemical microscopy by the State Microscopical Society of Illinois.



100 Word Challenge Week 14

As I was lying in my bed unable to get to sleep I heard a tapping noise out side my window. I got up to see what it  was but the sound had gone. Suddenly I heard it again this time it was louder I went outside to see what it was I did not need a torch because the moonlight light up the whole garden. I saw something dark on my window sill it was a bird when it flew away I fell backwards and hit my head on a rock. I woke up in hospital and did not remeber who anyone was.

100 Word Challenge week 13

As they turned back to the door the thing put it’s cold lifeless hands on my shoulder I turned around and saw it grinning it’s wight teeth at me. I fell to the old wooden floor of the house astonished at what happened. I was gasping for air while the thing just stared into space. I had a pain in my chest it was like a thousand knifes slowly going into my heart. I could smell the stench of rotting wood as I lay there unable to move and gasping for air. The slowly everything went black. As everything  went black I remembered were I saw it…..

A Snapshot in Time

As we walked down to the sandy beach I could taste the cold wind on my tongue. I could see the bones and the black feathers of the dead mutton birds. I could feel the cold salty water in my shoe as I stepped into the freezing cold water of the rock pool. I could smell the freshness of the air. I could see all the sea life in the rock pool it was like little homes for them.

100 Word Challenge Week 12

Dear Friend,

This is a letter just for you. I know it must be terrible for you but you must keep on going and keep your head held high. You are very strong to keep on going  and I know you can pull through this rough time. To you and your family you may of lost people but you have to keep going and be strong and brave. If you are rebuilding your home good luck I hope you pull through. When I am in a bad patch I will always think of how the people in the Philippines suffered.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 6 #24

Question: Fill in the missing digits in the multiplication.

2 _ 6
X 3
_ 3 _

How I solved it: First I did six times three which was 18 so I put the eight down and carried the one to the next column. In the net column the sum was something times three plus one is three, So I went through my three times tables in till I got to four times three which is 12 and then I also had the one to add so it was 13 so I put the 3 down and carried the one to the last column. Which was two times three plus one which is 7. So the answer was 738.