100 Word Challenge Week 14

As I was lying in my bed unable to get to sleep I heard a tapping noise out side my window. I got up to see what it  was but the sound had gone. Suddenly I heard it again this time it was louder I went outside to see what it was I did not need a torch because the moonlight light up the whole garden. I saw something dark on my window sill it was a bird when it flew away I fell backwards and hit my head on a rock. I woke up in hospital and did not remeber who anyone was.

3 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week 14

  1. Well done Eleanor, your desription led me through the story and left me hoping you were OK after a knock on the head! I liked your use of suddenly as a sentence opener, it helped create a bit of drama. well done.

  2. Eleanor, your story drew me in, and I wanted to know if you ever recovered your memory. You have a mysterious beginning, interesting middle, and satisfying conclusion, but please remember to use punctuation and capital letters for every sentence.

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