Year 6 Graduation for 2013

As we walked into the gym we saw the parents standing up and clapping us. Everyone was smiling and were very excited. As soon as we sat down all the parents sat down as well. Lee walked up on the stage and introduced the school captains Julian Amelia and Jack.

First Jack talked about all the responsibilities and roles you have when you are school captain. The Julian got up and spoke about his personal experience when being school captain. Lastly Amelia got up  and said some thankyous to people who helped them.

After that Matt came up and presented the graduates with their certificates. First it was 5/6A then 5/6 B and last of all 5/6C everyone was clapping. After they had presented the certificates. After that finished Grace came up to read her valedictorian speech which reflected on her time at Moonee Ponds Primary School.

Rebecca came up to present the specialist awards. These include the buddies award, the sport award the visual arts award and the performing art award. Next Matt came up to present the more procedures awards which were the Dux award which Amelia won the Academic award which was won by Julian and the excellence award which I won. Then we had a dance which the parents did not know about. So it was a huge surprize for all the parents. After we had finished the dance all the parents and graduates went out into the foyer to get something to eat and drink.

Over all I had a really fun time I did get a bit embarrassed when we did the dance but when I got into it I did not feel that embarrassed anymore.

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