100 Word Challenge Week 15

As we walked down and down into the basement we saw a canvas with lots of jars of paint. The jars had lots and lots of colours there were blues, reds, yellows and browns. The tour guide said that once there was a prisoner in here who was given a canvas and some jars of paint with some paint brushes and he painted a spectacular and moving picture of how he was treated in the jail cell. He painted his pictures with lots of emotion and gore. But he died just before he was going to get executed because he had a heart attack.

100 Word Challenge Week 14

As I was lying in my bed unable to get to sleep I heard a tapping noise out side my window. I got up to see what it  was but the sound had gone. Suddenly I heard it again this time it was louder I went outside to see what it was I did not need a torch because the moonlight light up the whole garden. I saw something dark on my window sill it was a bird when it flew away I fell backwards and hit my head on a rock. I woke up in hospital and did not remeber who anyone was.

100 Word Challenge week 13

As they turned back to the door the thing put it’s cold lifeless hands on my shoulder I turned around and saw it grinning it’s wight teeth at me. I fell to the old wooden floor of the house astonished at what happened. I was gasping for air while the thing just stared into space. I had a pain in my chest it was like a thousand knifes slowly going into my heart. I could smell the stench of rotting wood as I lay there unable to move and gasping for air. The slowly everything went black. As everything  went black I remembered were I saw it…..

100 Word Challenge Week 12

Dear Friend,

This is a letter just for you. I know it must be terrible for you but you must keep on going and keep your head held high. You are very strong to keep on going  and I know you can pull through this rough time. To you and your family you may of lost people but you have to keep going and be strong and brave. If you are rebuilding your home good luck I hope you pull through. When I am in a bad patch I will always think of how the people in the Philippines suffered.

100 Word Challenge Week 11

As I stood on the edge of the cliff I was remembering the way my brother died he had killed himself by jumping off this very cliff. As I made my way to the car the cold icy wind blew against my cheeks. I drove in my car to my mothers house because it had been four years since the tragic accident. We all sat there staring at all the good times that we had spent with him. We all sat there and thought at how short life was. We all went to were his grave was we all stood there in silence.

100 Word Challenge

The night was stifling and James was sleeping restlessly. He had been having the same disturbing dream as he had previous nights. He woke up in a cold sweat, his heart beating rapidly. It took considerable effort for James to calm down.

James had had enough. He needed to focus and be calm. James got out of bed and packed his bags.

James ran out of the house with his bags. But it was dark. There was no moon or light. He could not see where he was going. He tripped and fell into the river with only his green boots showing.

100 Word Challenge Week 9

It was a cold night the violent storms were rattling the windows. The hail were like golf balls the smashed on the tin roof. I was in my nice warm and cuddly bed. But I could not get any sleep. I heard the fly wire door slam shut. I could hear people screaming. My mum said that we had to hide under a table in till the storm had stopped we quickly got under. I was so scared even though it was just a storm nut I felt like it was got to rip the roof off. Finally the sun shone.

100 Word Challenge week 8

It was dark and the moon was full. I was in my bed when I heard it. This creature was black as night, its eyes was red as blood, and it claws where as big as a lions. I went outside with my torch I saw a flash on the corner of my eye. I heard this mysterious creature growling. I was to scared to go inside. I just stayed there with my torch in my hand. I saw a flash of it again. It then leaped out at me I fell to the ground I was bleeding everything went dark.

100 Word Challenge week #7

Slowly the sky got darker, all you could see was the moon shining it’s pale light. The fast food restaurant was bisserier as usual everyone getting their dinner. A young girl lay still on the oily floor in a pool of blood. A man was calling the police. The police started to interview the witness. Yet nobody said anything. The only people who knew of what happened to this poor little girl was a old lady and an old man. It was a few weeks later the old lady and the old man had been murdered. their necks were both snapped.

100 Word Challenge Week #6

I was investigating a crime scene someone had been murdered the blood was all over the body. I looked at the body closely and saw fingermarks all over it.It had been a few weeks and I still have not found the person who killed the young girl. I went down to the park. I looked down and I was surprised to see something on the bank of the river I looked at the finger prints on the body it was the same the finger prints were the same as on the girl. something came up behind me I could see their shadow but it was to late.