My Favorite Thing

My Favourite Thing
My favourite thing is my cat, Zippy. I love my cat because he is a cat and I love cats they are my favourite animal. We got him from Lort Smith. We got him when he was three years old. We did not know we were going to get him so we had to rush down to get a carrier and bowls for him then we got to get our new cat. His original name was Tom. Lort Smith found him roaming the streets.
and that’s my favourite thing

Swimming Sports

Swimming sports
The 27 of February was the swimming sports day but it was cancelled until March 5 because it was pouring with rain. On March 5 it was pretty cold but I think the pool heaters were on because the pool was not as cold as I expected it to be.
First we had to set up all our tents and everyone sat under their team’s coloured tent. After that was done the house captains went over who was in which event. There was: free style, back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly, kick board, relay and cork scramble.
My friend Izzy and I were in free style, back stroke and kick board. The first event was freestyle. I came seventh and Izzy came sixth. The next event was back stroke where I came fifth and Izzy came fourth.
It was a long time until our next event so we bought something from the canteen and tried to warm up. We then went to our blue tent and sung our chant, which went like this:
“When we walk into the swimming pool, this is what we see. Our name is already on the trophy, we are Banks and we know it.”
When the kickboard event came Izzy and I thought that we would come last but we came first and received a ribbon with first written on it. After that event it was the cork scramble. Amy, Charlotte, Izzy and I made up a chant to help the rest of the Banks team. After the final event, we were allowed to have a swim in our free time. I did some dives with Amy, Charlotte, Molly and Izzy. After that we went back to school.
Overall I had a great time.

Ride To School Day

Ride to School Day
The 23rd March was Ride To School Day and my brother, my mum and I rode to school. When we got to school we got to have a free breakfast and you could get a raffle ticket to win a new bike.
When the bell rang we all went to the gym and had a whole school assembly and some people from VicRoads came. They talked about the parts of the bike like the helmet and the lights which was very interesting. After that the Green team members came up and drew a raffle ticket and the person that won the bike was Luke Bowden 5\6c.
After we did that we went outside to see a police helicopter land on our oval. When landed it was very loud. First we were all allowed to look inside the helicopter. After that we all went back to our classrooms.
I loved ride to school day. It was great fun.