100 Word Challenge Week 11

As I stood on the edge of the cliff I was remembering the way my brother died he had killed himself by jumping off this very cliff. As I made my way to the car the cold icy wind blew against my cheeks. I drove in my car to my mothers house because it had been four years since the tragic accident. We all sat there staring at all the good times that we had spent with him. We all sat there and thought at how short life was. We all went to were his grave was we all stood there in silence.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 5 #24

Question: Fill in the missing digits, using the digits one to nine.
1 _ 9
X 6
_ 5 _

How I solved it: First I said what nine times six is which is 54 so I put down the four and carried the five over to the next column which was something times six so I did a couple of guess and checks until I got to five times six which was 30 but I still had the five to add on so that added up to be 35 so I put down the five and carried the three over to the next column. In the next column the question was one times six plus the three I had carried over which added to be 9. So the answer was 954

100 Word Challenge

The night was stifling and James was sleeping restlessly. He had been having the same disturbing dream as he had previous nights. He woke up in a cold sweat, his heart beating rapidly. It took considerable effort for James to calm down.

James had had enough. He needed to focus and be calm. James got out of bed and packed his bags.

James ran out of the house with his bags. But it was dark. There was no moon or light. He could not see where he was going. He tripped and fell into the river with only his green boots showing.

100 Word Challenge Week 9

It was a cold night the violent storms were rattling the windows. The hail were like golf balls the smashed on the tin roof. I was in my nice warm and cuddly bed. But I could not get any sleep. I heard the fly wire door slam shut. I could hear people screaming. My mum said that we had to hide under a table in till the storm had stopped we quickly got under. I was so scared even though it was just a storm nut I felt like it was got to rip the roof off. Finally the sun shone.

C.S.I vs Reality

In C.S.I things are very different compared to reality in this post I am going to tell you some of the differences between them both. In C.S.I the light are dimmer and sort of like a cool blue but in reality they have to have as much light as possible or you will not see the things that you need to see. In reality you have lots of scientists but then in C.S.I they only have one scientist doing all the work. Also in C.S.I they use words like match were is in real life a forensic scientist would never use the word match because that can lead to people being put in jail when the did nothing scientists usually use the words look like. Also so in C.S.I they just look at the evidence and say you did so go to jail they don’t look at it carefully like they would in real life.

100 Word Challenge week 8

It was dark and the moon was full. I was in my bed when I heard it. This creature was black as night, its eyes was red as blood, and it claws where as big as a lions. I went outside with my torch I saw a flash on the corner of my eye. I heard this mysterious creature growling. I was to scared to go inside. I just stayed there with my torch in my hand. I saw a flash of it again. It then leaped out at me I fell to the ground I was bleeding everything went dark.