100 Word Challenge week #7

Slowly the sky got darker, all you could see was the moon shining it’s pale light. The fast food restaurant was bisserier as usual everyone getting their dinner. A young girl lay still on the oily floor in a pool of blood. A man was calling the police. The police started to interview the witness. Yet nobody said anything. The only people who knew of what happened to this poor little girl was a old lady and an old man. It was a few weeks later the old lady and the old man had been murdered. their necks were both snapped.

100 Word Challenge Week #6

I was investigating a crime scene someone had been murdered the blood was all over the body. I looked at the body closely and saw fingermarks all over it.It had been a few weeks and I still have not found the person who killed the young girl. I went down to the park. I looked down and I was surprised to see something on the bank of the river I looked at the finger prints on the body it was the same the finger prints were the same as on the girl. something came up behind me I could see their shadow but it was to late.

Historical Fiction

The bright morning sun rays shone on the neatly made bed of Mr Miller and Mrs Miller. They were both packing their cloths because they were going on their annual holiday. They were packing as fast as they could. After they had packed they went on the horse and carriage to go to the train station.
The young immigrant, Jimmy Papalopsy got ready for his first day at his new job. He combed his hair and polished his shoes until he could see his young pale face. He quickly got his bag and got on to his bike. The bike was a bit rusty and old but Jimmy did not mind as soon he would get some money to buy a new bike. Or maybe one of those new auto-mobiles.
Mr Miller and Mrs Miller soon arrived at the Nashville train station. They had to catch the 7:15 am train. The train pulled to a stop with a loud screeching noise. Mr and Mrs Miller slowly got on to the steam train. They walked down the aisle to find a seat. The seats had red and gold material on them. They both sat down, feeling very excited.
Jimmy was in a tall tower which was near Dutchman’s curve. This curve was very tricky to navigate. It was Jimmy’s his job to make sure that the tracks had been turned. He took off his grey hat and sat down on his chair.
As the train started it went faster and faster until it reached 50 miles per hour. The train driver then saw something in the distance as it got closer the train driver noticed that it was another train. But it was too late. The trains had collided and everyone was thrown from the train. Their bodies were ripped apart. A farmer heard the loud crash and called for help. But it was too late no one was left alive.
Jimmy had seen the whole thing. He could not believe that this had happened on his first day. He sat in his room blaming himself for what had happened. The neighbours had noticed that Jimmy had not been out of his room for a few weeks so they got the police to go and see what happened. The police slowly opened the door and found Jimmy hanging from the roof.
The sweet young immigrate was dead. He had killed himself.

Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 8 #22

Question: Fill in the missing digits in the addition problem.

How I solved it: 17 and 36 were 2 of the numbers but I had to work out one more the answer to the sum was also given and it was 95 so first I worked out what 7 plus 6 was and it was 13 and if you add 2 to that you would get 15 and the answer to the sum ended in a 5 so I put the 2 down and carried the 1 to the last column. here it had to equil 9 so first I added the numbers that were given to me which was 3 and 1 which was 4 so I just counted on from 4 and I got 5. So that was my answer!



Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 7 #22

Question: Fill in the missing digits in the subtraction.

How I solved it: First I said to myself what 9 takeaway something was 3 which was 6 so I put that down in the box. I then went onto the next column. Here I had to find out what something takeaway 5 equals 2 and I worked it out to be seven. That is how I solved it.

Maths Mate Term 3 sheet 6 #22

Question: Fill in the missing digits in the sum.

How I solved it: First I did 6+1 which is 7 but you need a 6 at the end so you would have to get it to equal 16 so you have to add 9 to it and carried the one over to the next column. In the next column you had to end up with the number 9. first I added 1 and 1 together (which one was from caring and the other was the one you had to work with) So that was 2 then I added 5 to it so then I put a 2 in the box which would make 9.

Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 5 #23

Question: I think of a number, divide it by 2 and then add 12. If the result is 20, what was the original number?

How I solved it: First I had 40 because I knew that 20 is half of 40 and you had to divide it by 2.so then I took away 12 from 40 which is 28 and that was my answer.

Maths Mate sheet 4 term 3 #22

Question:The sum of four consecutive whole numbers is 94. What are the four numbers.

How I solved it: First I divided 4 by 94 which is 23 and 2 left over so I added 2 to 23 which is 25 but I had to have four consecutive numbers so I took away 1 from 25 which is 24 then I took 1 away from 24 which was 23 then I took away 1 from 23 which was 22.
So my answer was 22, 23, 24 and 25

Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 3 #22

Question: The sum of three consecutive whole numbers is 96. What are the 3 numbers?

How I solved it: First I halved 96 which was 32 but you had to find 3 consecutive numbers so then I took away 1 from 32 which was 31 then I added 1 to 32 which was 33. So the answer was 31, 32 and 33.