Maths Mate Sheet 2 Term 3 #22

Question: Carl looked at the page numbers on the open book in front of him. The left and right page numbers added to 333. What were the page numbers?

Solution: First I tried to half 33 but it was not going to be the same number because 33 is an odd number so I said 17 plus 18 is 33. I also had to work out what half of 300 which is 150. So First I added 17 and 150 together which is 166. Then I did 150 and 17 together and I got 167 and if you add both of them together it is 333. That is how I got my answer!

Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 1 #23

Question: Fill in the cross number puzzle using the following numbers:
3 Digits: 191,312,411,491,611
4 Digits: 1969, 1973, 1974, 1980
5 Digits: 91413, 60151
How I solved it: During this question I first had a few guesses but then I finally got it. At first I did all the 3 digit numbers. As I was putting all the numbers down I crossed out the numbers at the top. I also saw that if there was 3 boxes there only had to 3 digits in it.

Human Body Project

For my project I did the Lymphatic System with Devlin and Eamon. In this project I discovered lots of new things. Before this project I did not know that there was a lymphatic system. The sections that we had to find out about our project were: Future, care, problem and description. We also had to include a working 3D model of our system. In the problem section we had to find out what diseases can occur in the lymphatic system. In future we had to predict what we thought was going to happen. In care we had to find out what was good and what exercises we had to do. The last section was description in description we had to describe how the lymphatic system works.

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels and organs. Your lymphatic system is part of your immune system and our immune system protects us against any diseases that we can get. Lymph is a clear watery liquid that travels through the body. The tonsils and spleen are all part of the lymphatic system. Some good exercises that you can do are laughing. The lymph moves around the body by you moving your arms and legs.

Muscular System-Alex, Ore and Ignacia
Muscles are very important because without your muscles you would not be able to walk. Muscles are all around your body even in the heart the muscles in your heart are called cardiac muscles. Cardiac muscles are soft muscles. Muscles are controlled by signals in the brain. The brain will tell your muscle when to move. Your muscles are not the same size they vary in width and length.
Endocrine System- Madeline, Ben and Imran
In 1885 Clord Bernard made a huge discovery it was that the human body had an endocrine system. In the endocrine system there are glands which produce hormones. Hormones travel all throughout our body they also help our body grow. Some things that are good for the endocrine system are broccoli and cauliflower.
Circulatory System-Theo, Ece and Afrah
William Harvey was the first person to make a discovery of the circulatory system. The circulatory system consists of mainly veins and your blood. Your blood is made in your bone marrow. Your veins take blood to your heart which pumps it all through your body. You veins are blue because there is not much oxygen where your veins are. Your heart can pump 70 times per minute. Your blood will take only 20 seconds to travel through the whole body.

Digestive System- Julian, Ella and Eden
The digestive system is were all of your food is broken down into tiny little monocles. It takes 1 and a half hour to break down your food. Your stomach can hold at least 4 litres of food. Your food has to travel down the oesophagus and your saliva makes this process easier. Your oesophagus is at least 25cm long. Your liver can be damaged easily so it is protected by your rib cage.

Skeletal System-Jack, Bryn and Chloe
The skeletal system has approximately 236 bones and 206 different bones. The skeletal system is a very important system because it protects all our vital organs. Your bones have an inside and outside layer and they are mostly made up of cartilage. Not all of our bones are the same length in size and width. If you eat lots of calcium then you will get very strong bones.

Urinary System-Shakira, Tommy and Isabel
The urine system is were all your unwanted wast goes. Urine is mostly made up of salt and water. You have two kidneys one is near your backbone and one is at the front. Ancient Romans used to use urine as invisible ink. Kidneys stones are were you get little crystalized bits of calcium in your kidneys and you have to undergo surgery to get them out.

Nervous System- Zoe, Matthias and Lilly
The nervous system consists of blue and red cells (but they are mainly blue), spinal cord and the brain. You would not be able to walk if you did not have a spinal cord or a brain because your spinal cord keeps you up straight and your brain sends massages to your legs and arms to start too moving. Charles Ball discovered the nervous system in 1742. Epilepsy, Multiple Scleroses and pancreas disease are all the problems you can have with your nervous system.

Respiratory System-Bailey and Thomas
The respiratory system consists of the lungs, bronchi trees, nose, and mouth and trachea/wind pipe. Your lungs develop before you are born. In the future doctors may use a 3d printer to make replica lungs. Your heart grows on top of your lungs. Some of the problems are: asthma, lemonier, lung cancer and emphaziemer.

I have learnt a lot about all the projects and I am sure everyone else has. I think all of the projects were very clear and had a lot of information. I liked the 3d working models I think they showed a lot of what there project was about.

Movies: Man of Steel

On the 15 of July my dad, my brother and I went to see the movie Man of Steel. It was for my brothers early birthday present. My dad got some pop corn and then we went to see the movie. I think the movie was really good and I had a really good time and I think my brother had a really good time too.

100 WC week #39

As Annie picked up the necklace her mother gave her before she died a tear ran down her pale face she said “but I wonder what I would do”. Annie missed her mother so much. It had only been 1 day after her mother died but Annie was balling her eyes out Annie was so sad she missed her so much. All Annie did all day was sit down in a dark room and cry. Everyday Annie went to her mother’s grave and mourned for her. Annie would always wear the necklace that her mother gave her. Annie new her mother would never come back.

100 WC week #38

The rusty gate creaked as Anne went into the graveyard. She was going to morn her dead husband. She dropped a bundle of red roses on his grave. She was walking along the path as she heard footsteps in the distance she quickly looked at were the footsteps were coming from. Anne started to run she saw a shadow of someone. She quickly opened the graveyard door and ran as fast as she could. Anne ran onto the road and saw some bright lite’s. Anne fell to the ground the car was coming at her before her eyes closed she recognized the person in the car…..

100 WC week #27

As we walked down to the beach we saw so much rubbish on the sand. We suddenly saw a plastic bag in the water I ran in the water as fast as I could to get it out. I saw a recycling bin so I put it in. We then saw lots of other people picking up the rubbish as well. So we all started to pick the rubbish up and clean the beach. We picked up so much rubbish and as we were picking up rubbish other people started to help and the beach started to get cleaner and cleaner.

Asia Project Presentation Facts

Lilly-Singapore Lee Kwan was the first prime minister. Singapore was founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffel. 53 million is the population.
Chloe-Hong Kong The use to bind women’s feet. Generally the weather is cool. Disney Land is in Hong Kong.
Devlin-South Korea Psy is a famous singer in South Korea. China to the west. Peace and harmony on the flag.


Zoe-China 1.3 billion People live in china.  There are 3,800 different   types of fish. 300,000 men were involved in building the Great Wall of China.
Alex-North Korea 24,000,000 people live in north Korea. Pyongyang is the capital. Mostly Asian people in North Korea.
Baily-Taiwan Capital is Taipei. 4.6 million People live there. Moon Lake is 7m deep.
Thomas-Mongolia 19th biggest country in the world. Ulaan Baatar is the capital. Mongolia can get down to 0 degrees.
Bryn-Pakistan 176,754,360 is the population. Mid-size country. Islam and christen are the main religions.
Tommy-Est. Timor It is hot from July-Nov. Most people live in the capital city. The capital is Dili.
Afrah-Srilanka It is about the size of Tasmania. The population is 21 million. The main religion is Buddhist.
Ore-Philippines Manila is the capital city. It is one of the smallest countries in Asia. 99,656 million people live in the Philippines.
Ben-Myanmar 47 million people. Use to be Burma. Main religion is Budhist.
Ella-Papua New Guine The Kakoda Track is in Papua New Guine. Start school when you are 7. It is not compulsory to go school.
Isable-Indionesia 1700 islands. 242,325,638 people. Jakya is the currency.
Imran-Bangladesh 150 million people. In 1971 Bangladesh became an independent country. Cricket is the most popular sport.
Ece-Thailand Most people are Buddhist. Ba is the currency. Thailand was discovered in 1511.
Shakira-Cambodia Cambodia is well known for their temples. Phonon Peen is the capital. 13 million people live in Cambodia.
Madeline-Vietnam Dong is the currency. Helene City is the capital. 87,840,000 is the population.
Theo-Russia 11.98 people live in Russia. Moscow is the capital. Slavic is the language.
Julian-Malaysia It is an independent country. It borders Thailand. 28,334,132 people.
Eamon-Laos 6.5 million People. Laos is a land locked country. Vegetables and herbs are the main food.
Eden-Bali Bali is part of Indonesia. People in Bali dance out their feelings. Bali has lots of rice fields.
Jack-Brunei It is in southeast Asia. Banclar Seri is the biggest city in Brunei. Brunei is one of Asia’s biggest Ring Dome.
Matthias-Japan Tokyo is the capital. 22,620,600 is the population. Yen is the currency.


100 WC week 36

It was a hot summer night it was pitch black. Annie was in bed sleeping having the worst dream. It started out nicely with a polar bear she had got for Christmas. She had wondered how expensive it was but she didn’t think it would matter. Suddenly she saw everything flying past her she saw. She woke up in a cold sweat. Annie was so hot and frightened she slowly got up she then suddenly fell to the floor. Annie woke up three days later in the hospital. Annie had been hallucinating. She went home a couple of days later.