It was 12:00 am and Sally was packing up and coming home from work. She had been working late these past few nights.

Sally got on the train and sat down. It had started to rain. Sally looked out the train window and saw a man at the next stop. The train had stopped but the man was no longer there.

Finally the train had stopped at Sally’s house. She got off and unlocked her door to her house.

“Brring, bring” the phone rung and Sally jumped. She slowly got the phone and said

“Who is there?”

Sally heard heavy breathing and then the person stated to talk.

“Look outside Sally” the man said.

So sally looked outside and saw a man hanging from her clothesline dead! Sally quickly looked away and put the phone down. She ran straight to the living room and turned on the television.

A few hours had past and the phone rang again. It was that man again.

“Why do you keep on calling me?” screamed Sally.

“Look upstairs Sally” said the man.

Sally looked up stairs. She saw some blood trickling down the steps. She slowly went up hanging onto the banister as hard as she could. Sally went into the bedroom (because that was where the blood was coming from). She opened the door and she saw a body on the floor.

“Why is this happening to me?” sally cried.

Sally was so upset. Suddenly Sally started to laugh. But she fell to the ground and was not breathing.

Sally had died of laughter. But know said anything, her body was never buried and Sally never even had a record of her birth. No one knew that there even was a Sally.

That was the story of Sally?



Maths Mate Tem 2 Sheet 3 #23

Problem: Fill in the missing digits in the sum.

How I solved it: First I said 2+9 is 11 and you had to get 8 so I said that it had to be a two digit number so I could make 18. So I added 7 onto 11 and I got 18 so I put the 8 down and carried the 1 to the next colmn. The next one was 1+3+6 which is 10 and you still have the 1 so 1+10 is 11 so put the 1 down and carry the other 1 to the next colmn. The next question was 1+5 which is 6 pluse the 1 that you carried which is 7 but the answer has to be nine so you also pluse 2 which is 9.

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 2 #23

Problem: Fill in the missing digits in the sum.

How I solved it: First I said what is 6+8 and that is 14 so I put down the 4 and carried the 1. I then moved on to 2+7 which I did 2 because 2+7 is nine and I have to add the 1 onto it, and the answer had to be 0. So 2+7+1 is 10. I put the zero down and carried the one over to the next colmn. I now had to make 8 so i said 4+3 is 7 and add the other 1 and you get 8.

100 WC week 35

The light was so bright that it burned me eyes, it was early in the morning and the sun was shining through my blinds in my room. I realised that it was the first day of the school holidays and I was going to go to Perth so I quickly packed my things and went out to the car were my mum was waiting. We got to the airport and got our flight. We finally arrived and we got to our hotel and unpacked our things. After we did that we went to the beach and watched the sun go down.

100 WC Week 34

Mission Goal: Wanted


Mission Story:

The animals were going crazy just like the other past few nights. “Why does this keep on happening?” the zoo keeper said to himself.  How can I find out who this is if I do not have evidence? That night a shadow of an unknown person was looming around the zoo the animals were quite. The zoo keeper was reading a newspaper when he heard the footsteps he jumped. He quickly looked and said “who is there?” The zoo keeper quickly looked at the animals. They were quite.

Can you find out who it is before it is too late?


Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 8 #23


If you could roll the same number every time, what number would you choose so that you could move from S to F in the least number of rolls?

How I solved It:

I worked backwards in this questions and I only did the even numbers so first I did eight then 6 then 4 and then 2 and with 2 it worked. Because you just had to count by two’s. It only took 5 goes to get to the finish so the answer was 2.

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 7 #23

Problem:  Jacks car can travel 15 kilometers per litre of petrol. He leaves Dubbo with 30 litres of petrol in his car and drives towards Maitland. What town will he be closest to when he runs out of petrol?

How I solved it: First I worked out what 15 times 30 was because the car can only travel 15 kilometers per litre of petrol and Jack had only 30 litres of petrol in his car. When I had finished doing that and had got my answer which was 450 I added 200, 100 and 150 which was 450 so the town that he was closest to was Singleton.

Train Murder

It was a misty evening. Rose was on her way home from work. She was sitting next to a cloaked man. Suddenly the train had stopped and the cloaked man had disappeared Rose noticed something was dripping from the roof of the train. She looked up.

“Arghh!” Rose screamed.

She saw a body hanging from the roof! Rose was so horrified she ran and told the train diver but the train driver had been stabbed. Rose was so frightened.

Rose ran out of the train, but she could not get anywhere. The cloaked man was not letting her get away. The cloaked man took his hood off, then suddenly Rose fell to the ground and no one except for that cloaked man knew what happened to her….

100 WC Week 33

As it was a dark, dark day and all the black birds were out they were all on the clothesline and the power line. They were all watching as everyone walked past them with their keen eyes. The birds were all squawking at each other. The birds swooped down at people to protect their nests. Everyone was very frightened of what the dark, black birds were going to do. Then suddenly a little child ran after one of the birds and when that child did what they did all the birds changed from calm to a moving terror. Everyone ran!

100 WC Week 32

It has been dark, gloomy and cold for many weeks now. The hail was so bad that it would bruise you like a hard rock. Children were not allowed to play outside. The animals were hiding in their barrows and trees. There were no birds singing. Everyone was getting very mad about staying in their houses the farms were ruined from getting no sun at all and the cars were badly damaged by all the hail stones. Just then when everyone thought that things would never get better the sun came out! As the sun came out everything returned back to normal.